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Hygienic Plastic Ceiling Cladding Fitting Instructions

An easy to understand guide to fitting the Hygienic Plastic Ceiling Cladding System.

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Fitting the ceiling planks themselves is very straight-forward

The biggest decision is how to finish off the edges. If using the Plank ‘J' Edge, you can fit it to three walls but it is easier to cheat on the finishing wall by cutting the back off the ‘J' and pushing it into the gap and securing with adhesive.

If fitting wall cladding at the same time, do the ceiling first. Then the ‘J' edge fitted to the top of the wall sheets can hide and support a neatly fitted ceiling. Fit the ‘J' to the wall where you propose to start leaving a 10mm gap over it and use this to support the edge of the first plank. Fit wall ‘J' to the opposite wall under the last plank and then fill in down the side walls.

Ceiling Cladding on J Edge

If securing the plank to joists or battens, the plank will run the other way (at 90 degrees to the joists). The thin flange on each plank should be on the upper surface. The replica Rolex Submariner is very suitable for men.

Screw through this into each joist. Push fit the next plank into the first, hold it in place and secure through the flange into the ceiling as before. Work your way across the ceiling.

If the ceiling is longer than 5M slide on a 'H' joint and continue as before.

Ceiling Cladding PVC Plank Cross Section

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