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Hygienic Plastic Ceiling Cladding Calculating Materials

Calculating the materials you need for your new ceiling cladding.

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Ceiling Planks

Each 5m ceiling plank is 1.25sqm. A quick check of the number of planks needed would be to divide the square meterage of the ceiling by 1.25 using 5m planks. You may need to take into account a little wastage but the planks can be cut and joined to help reduce this to a minimum.

Ceiling Profiles and Accessories

If the room is longer than 5m, fill up to 5m, place a joint strip along the ends of the planks and continue with more planks. The same can be done with large offcuts. They are easily installed in blocks with a joint strip in between.

0.5" Stainless Steel Screws are ideal if fitting directly to timber, about every 450mm. Longer ones may sometimes be necessary if fixing through plaster.

Measure the distance around the room and calculate how many 5m edges or 5m 2 piece coving is required. If you are also fitting wall cladding, then the 'J' edges securing the tops of the sheets, can be used to support and trim the ceiling edge instead.

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