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Hygienic Plastic Wall Cladding Calculating Materials

Hygienic Plastic Wall Cladding Calculating Materials

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Wall Cladding Sheets

First measure the height of the walls and decide whether you need the 8ft (2.44m) or 10ft (3.05m) high sheets. Next calculate how best to cover the walls with the fewest number of sheets possible. Each sheet is 4ft (1.22m) wide.

Wall Cladding Trims

Available in 8ft or 10ft lengths.

How many vertical 'H' Joints between each sheet?

How many 'J' Edges along the top and bottom of each sheet? Usually one 8ft 'J' Edge per sheet plus any other loose edges?

If you are having a vinyl floor laid which curves up the walls, then use the 1 piece 'H' Joint along the base of the sheets to join it to the vinyl. This gives the smoothest possible joint between the floor and the wall. Another alternative is to use the Hi-Life Skirting. This can be used along the base where extra strength is required to guard against damage by pallets or boxes. Available in 8ft lengths only.

How many Internal Angles? Used in the corners of the rooms.

How many External Angles? Used around Columns or framing windows or doors.

Wall Cladding Accessories

How many Drive Rivets? These fix the angles in place using about twelve per 8ft angle. As Polypropylene sheets do not accept adhesive, you may choose to put two or three drive rivets down the centre line of each sheet.

How many 1.25" Stainless Steel Screws and Wall Plugs? Use to fix the joints and edges, about twelve per 8ft length.

How many Silicone Sealant? Approximately one tube for every three sheets, applied on the back legs of the 'H' Joints and 'J' Edges.

How much Adhesive? Use all three of the PVC Sheets. Anyway, these replica watches are affordable for most people. Approximately two tubes per sheet but maybe a little less on a stud wall. Hi-Fix is good for most materials however Super Hi-Fix should ALWAYS be used on Tiles, Glass, Polystyrene and other non-porous surfaces.

Free wall cladding samples

For more information and/or free samples of our wall cladding system, e-mail us via our contact form or give us a call on 0114 244 6357.



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