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Flexible PVC Strip Curtain Door Fitting Instructions

Our basic guide to fitting and maintenance of Flexible PVC Strip Curtain Doors.

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Face fixing the curtain

Screw the Hanging Rail in the required position over the door.

Facing the rail, hang half the strips with the flat side of the rivet towards you. Leave equal spaces between the strips.

Hang the remaining strips over the spaces with the flat side of the rivet away from you.

Having done this the hanging plates at the top of each strip will be nicely flush with each other, and the natural curvature of the material will cause the strips to ‘fold' into each other.

Under fixing the curtain

This nearly always takes a little more work. First hang a strip on the end of the rail and hold the rail in place within the door frame. Mark and cut the other end of the rail so it fits within the doorway. Hang as above but the strip at the other side of the doorway will need to be trimmed to fit flush with the door frame, or alternatively add a wooden trim down the door frame to cover the gap.

PVC Strip Curtain Maintenance

Polishing occasionally with a furniture spray will help maintain a nice clean surface. Stubborn dirt can be removed in hot soapy water but never use anything abrasive.

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