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Decorative Wall & Ceiling Panels - Fitting Instructions

Below are fitting instructions for our Hi-Plas range of decorative Wall and Ceiling Panels. Full Instructions are also included in every pack of our Wall Cladding Planks. Should you have any further installation questions please do give us a call.

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Decorative Wall and Ceiling Panels Fitting Instructions and Specification

Decorative Wall Panels Fitting Instruction Pictures 

      Fitting instructions:

Installation: Our products are unaffected by water or moisture. Make sure area is well ventilated during installation and for some time after. Our Hi-Plas Wall and Ceiling Panels should not be exposed to direct sunlight before fixing (may cause thermal distortion) and should not be fixed in temperatures greater than 60°C or below 5°c. In case of uneven surfaces or damp walls we recommend using anti-rot treated battening. Ensure ventilation behind the cladding by leaving gaps in the battening. Batten spacing should be at 25 to 40 cm centres. Battens should be fixed horizontally for vertical installations of the PVC panels. Make sure battens are flat and level, packing out where necessary on uneven walls so that when fixed the cladding does not deform due to curvature of the battens.

Our Hi-Plas Decorative Wall Panels are heat resistant up to 60°c. Therefore application behind cookers is not recommended as this may result in thermal distortion. A stainless steel heat plate should be applied to this area.

For a perfect finish it is recommended that our full range of finishing trims are used.

The PVC panels can be mechanically fixed to the battens using one of the following methods:

Nailing/screws: use non corrosive nails/screws. Apply nails evenly and level in the panel lip. Be careful not to hit the panel with the hammer.

Stapling: use non corrosive staples at least 14mm long.

PVC panels can be fitted chemically directly to existing sound flat surfaces including tiles and plaster:

Gluing: The surface must be free of any grease and dust. The adhesive used should provide good initial “grab”. Hi-Plas reccomend the use of our Hi-Fix Adhesive or our Super Hi-Fix Adhesive for use on a non-porous surface. And the high-end replica watches for sale for men.

When using in a shower cubicle it is recommended that a bathroom grade fungicidal silicone is used on the back leg of the fixed panel prior to the next panel being slotted into place.

It is recommended that 2-part finishing trims are used, in which case the back part of all trims should be fixed prior to the fixing of any panels. Then, working from left to right cut the first panel to the correct length and fix in position using a plumb line to ensure this length is perfectly vertical. If fixing in a shower cubicle apply bathroom grade silicone as described above and then push the next panel into position and fix.

Once all panels are in position, fix the front part of all the trims into place.



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